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April 19, 1999-    Added a few mo' good BOOTS.. VERY High & VERY Shiny!

April 12, 1999-    OK, Pinky, let's try to take over the world!
Welcome to my brand-new, bright and shiny site dedicated to (what else)..BOOTS, inspired by such rabid BOOTophiles as Larry of HOTBOOTS, Leon/Copfucker of B.L.U.F., and BOOTS PLUS.
I live in heaven, that is San Francisco, and organize special interest tours to exotic locales from Thailand to Tahiti. While traveling am always on the lookout for great bootmakers and leather craftsman to work their magic.
We're starting with a selection of boots, breeches, and related stuff. They lurk in my closet waiting their moments of glory on weekends, holidays, and at street fairs. Will be expanding and adding so check back often.
Meantime, click your (booted) heels three times and press the pics above.

Best best,